At Solectrix Energy we help businesses to reduce their energy costs and their carbon footprint. If you are a small business you may be eligible for an immediate $6,500 asset tax deduction when installing a solar system.

Solar power for businesses is a secure investment that reduces your exposure to rapidly increasing electricity costs. A 4kW system can generate savings of over $2000* annually and a 10kW system can equal over $5,000* in savings annually. These savings will only increase as the cost of electricity rises. Installing solar can provide a business with a buffer for the rising electricity costs.

Solectrix Energy can take care of your solar electricity needs from solar design to the installation of your solar system and the connection to the grid. Solectrix Energy is owned and operated by a CEC accredited installer ensuring you receive up to date expert advice which is hard to find in the solar market. We have done our research, toured solar factories and only a select few panels meet our strict quality measures this is to ensure when we install a solar system, the only thing we go back for is a clean and maintenance check.


*based on average generation of 5kWhrs/1kW system per day at electricity costs of 27.5c/watt